Wedding Quotes of thr Day


Faith said… Harvey made our special day look spectacular! His pictures captured the warmth of love my husband and I shared with our guests during our cozy night wedding. He was professional, thorough, and well versed with the skills and equipment needed to capture the night images. His timeliness, patience, and understanding, as well as…
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Karen said… I’ve worked with Artistique Photo, Mr. Huff for the past 12 years; with his diverse talents and creativity coupled with his years of experience he definitely will bring a fresh perspective to your wedding photos or any event you want to remember.

Robert & Lisa Watral Wedding

Robert and Lisa Watral from Rexville, Ohio Were married 10/19/2014 at the Upper Rapids above Niagara Falls

Dominick & Lisa DeRoberts Wedding

Dominick & Lisa DeRoberts from Solvay, NY Were married 10/18/2014 at the Upper Niagara River.

Tristan & Leslie Hurst Wedding

Tristan and Leslie Hurst from Hebron, Kentucky. Married October 10, 2014 at Whirlpool State Park.

Peter & Valerie Torrell Wedding

Peter and Valerie Torrell from Troy, New York Married at the Upper Rapids of Niagara Falls on October 11, 2014.

Joseph & Amanda Pacheco Wedding

Joseph and Amanda Pacheco from Denver, Colorado. Married on October 10, 2014 at the Upper Rapids above the Mighty Niagara Falls.

Matthew & Lizabeth Cadena Wedding

Matthew and Lizabeth Cadena from Port Huron, Michigan. Married 10/04/2014 at Three Sisters Island.

Gary & Linda Andrus Wedding

Gary and Linda Andrus from Lancaster, PA. Married 10/01/2014 at Three Sisters Island